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With Shoutout Canada, my ultimate goal is to create online communities for the 30-50 most populous cities in Canada, so that Canadians can connect with their fellow neighbours by sharing and learning from one another through everyday life experiences — and perhaps most importantly to some, being able to do so entirely anonymously.

Whether you've lived in the city you're in now your entire life, or you just moved in and need some help figuring shit out or connecting with like-minded people, joining the Shoutout community nearest to your current residency can be a seriously helpful and entertaining resource to learn from and enjoy on a frequent basis as new anonymous messages continue to come in every day.

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We've helped bring missing people back to their loved ones!

Brandon has been found and is with my best friend!!!! He was spotted by someone who saw this post! Thank you all so much!!! <3 He was beaten up a bit but he will be okay!!!!
(January 8, 2016)

S. Anna Newman

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It was co-workers at one of the Earls restaraunts that recognized Kyle Woods on Shoutout Edmonton…and they told him to phone home…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Without Shoutout Edmonton, we possibly couldn’t have found Kyle Woods as quickly as we did!!!!!! Over 4,100 shares and 3.5 days…
(May 22nd, 2015)

D. Wolfenden

On behalf of the Koopmans family thank you for sharing the missing report for Nate. Thanks to this site we were able to find him safe.
(May 19th, 2015)

The Koopmans Family


Here are a select few member testimonials as well:

Thank you for all that you share, post and pass along. Running a page at this level is no easy task. In the time I’ve ‘liked’ this page, you’ve promoted local charities, supported businesses, shared kind acts from all over the city, helped reunite lost and found wallets, pets and even human beings. This page is more than just a page. Lots of ‘feel goods’. Thank you, kind sir.

C. Pearen

I like the heads up of things going on in our city. As well as seeing the answers to questions, as it is sometimes something I want to know to, so it gives me the answer as well. 🙂


It is very informative. Many of the news I hear others talking about is posted right away, I’m staying more current with everything news, events and my community. It has also been a great place to ask questions. I just moved to a new area and asked a question about my community. I’ve also made new friends because of something someone else posted. I also find it uplifting. The positive shout outs are inspiring.


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