Shoutout Canada's Community Guidelines

Have these guidelines read to you aloud:

Please respect your neighbours

Thank you for taking a look at our rules and regulations. We tend to be quite lenient, so there’s not much that we ask, but we’re growing rather quickly and things are getting pretty serious, so a few things do need to be said. These guidelines will be referenced to if and when we see fit.

If you were directed to these rules and regulations, please read them carefully and abide by them in order to keep our communities free of excessive negativity of any kind. These guidelines are to be used for all of the Shoutout Network communities worldwide. Thank you.

Content that will get you in trouble:

 Nudity and sexual content
We allow our members to upload photo-comments on all of our Facebook page’s posts, however if you are caught taking advantage of this feature by posting NSFW (not safe for work) content of any kind, we will be quick to give you a warning*.

 Threats and bullying
Under no circumstance will we condone, be accepting of, or allow threats made to or from any of our community members. If you are caught making threats within the comments of our posts, or if proof is provided that you private messaged one of our members some rather distasteful hatred because of a disagreement the two of you have on a topic, you will be terminated indefinitely. This is absolutely unacceptable.

 Spam, misleading information, and scams
If you are reported for spamming our comments section of multiple posts with entirely unrelated information to the topic at hand, you will be given a warning*.

* Please understand that after 1 warning, you will be banned from the community in question on your second report, and you will not be notified.

Posts that will not get approved or publicized:

 Crowdfunding (such as ‘gofundme’)
Over the course of the first year of running our first Shoutout community, we’ve tried on multiple occasions to approve and publish crowdfunding posts, but unfortunately, we’ve had nothing but negativity on each attempt. The problem is, it is too difficult to provide sufficient proof as to where the money would be going, and there are far too many scam attempts out there, making it tough to trust the anonymous posting style in which our communities were built on.

 Racist remarks and racial slurs
Common sense has it that racism is entirely unacceptable behavior. We tend to agree. If you decide you would like to be a racist bigot, and you submit a post using one of our post submission forms, don’t bother wasting your time. It will quickly be thrown in the trash.

 Religious-focused and religious related content
Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, along with the incredible number of different opinions and religious views in the world, we’ve decided that we wouldn’t approve any religious-focused posts on any of our Shoutout communities.

 Highly political-focused content
Some politics-speak is fine, but posts that are blatantly and excessively leaning to one side vs another side will more than likely be canned. We will not accept trash talk of any kind in this regard.

 Libel (written defamation)
If you intend on writing negatively about a person or place of business, you are more than welcome to do so — HOWEVER — if you provide a person’s name in your post, it will be removed before being published to the masses, no questions asked. With that said, writing a post about a local business – good or bad – is entirely acceptable. Business reviews are usually written with anonymity in tact, and the Shoutout Network is no different.

 Buying and selling
Due to the high number of buy and sell type of communities found in all of the cities that Shoutout is currently a part of, we’ve decided to not allow buying or selling of everyday products in our communities. This includes trading. However, if you have a rare item that you think would really garner the attention of one of our communities, you are more than welcome to submit it, but please provide an image of the rare item in question, and make sure that it is solely posted on Shoutout, and no other buy/sell community. If you are found attempting to sell something that is found on another buy/sell community, you risk being banned and having your post deleted.

 Looking for a job
I know finding a job can be tough at times, but because there are so many other communities available that assist in finding jobs, with so many websites (Monster, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.) that list them, we’ve decided to disallow posts looking for jobs within our communities.

 Place to rent
There are tons of websites and social media communities that list large quantities of places to rent in most cities. Because of this, we’ve decided not to allow posts looking for places to rent.

 Photos of random people in public places
Unless you are praising someone for well-doing, we will not be posting random photos of people in public places. Do onto others as you wish done to you. Even if it’s not talking negatively about the person in said photo. We’ve allowed this to happen in the past, and have quickly come to realize that this is a huge mistake. The only other time we will post a photo of someone is if it was provided by a reputable media outlet beforehand.

Speak your mind, just be kind about it

If you wish to report another member breaking these rules, please contact us here so that we can rectify the issue as soon as possible.

The Shoutout communities were built for you to learn about the cities you reside in, and the people that share those cities with you. Your voice matters. Join in on the conversation as often as you wish. We really appreciate your engagement. The more engagement there is, the better these communities become. Just please keep your cool. Thank you!

Jody Mitoma